Making A Difference at Kingfisher!

Making a difference: 

Year 6 have started a food recycling system at Kingfisher where our food waste is separated from other waste and sent to a plant in Dagenham where it is converted into bio fertilizer for local farms and natural gas for the energy system. It also stops the CO2 that is given off when food is put into landfill and therefore helps to stop global warming. They have written to Enfield Council to demand that they start to offer a food recycling service to all schools in the borough.

Year 5 have been learning about the industrial revolution and the child labour that was used then. They have also been outraged to learn that this is still going on in some parts of the world and so are writing to Apple to ask why they are using child labour in china and also using cobalt that is mined by children as young as four years old in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Year 4 have been learning about deforestation and been pestering Tesco to campaign for more products that use Palm Oil from sustainable sources.

Year 3 have written to a company to ask for help in attracting more bees to the woodland walk. They have been learning about how important bees are in the production of food and the worrying decline in numbers. They want to help.

Finally, as part of the Great Fire of London topic, Year 2 learnt about the Grenfell Tower disaster and are demanding assurances from Enfield Council that our tower blocks are safe.