Kingfisher Hall - Children's Mental Health Week

From 4-10 February 2019 was Children's Mental Health Week.

Ms Baggaley took a whole school assembly that focused on being healthy on the inside as well as the outside. The pupils took their time to think about how they could keep their mind and their bodies healthy. This could be through reading, relaxing, getting enough sleep, meditating etc in addition to keeping their bodies healthy by eating the correct foods and exercising.

Year 6 Onyx Class learnt about the different types of mental health and the effects it can have on a person physically, socially and emotionally. The pupils also learnt about how they could support a person suffering with mental health and where they could turn to for help.

The pupils created these incredible posters that included lots of great information on mental health and where to go to for help. These will be distributed around the school.

“As recent statistics show on average 1in every 10 children will suffer from mental health issue. Therefore it is vital for children to understand what mental health is and where to turn to for support should they need it.  This week we have focused on teaching the children about the different types of mental health and what they can do to support a person who may need it by designing posters and leaflets to put around school.” - Ms Baggaley

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