We declare the Kingfisher stage open!

Kingfisher Hall's new stage

After a combined effort of generous parents, hardworking PTA members and school staff, our school is finally a proud owner of a new multi-level stage.

Fundraising for this project was started three years ago when it was realised that we couldn’t see our children during their school assemblies and Christmas performances. Over the course of the last three years, the PTA has been raising money through various fundraising events. All of these events were supported by the school and all of the staff, including Miss Breckenridge, Miss Shah and Mrs Demetriou.

This year Marino Charalambous, CHAT Academies' CEO and Mr Clifford agreed that they would match the money raised by the PTA, and the stage was bought, just in time for the Christmas performances. 

So, on this occasion, as the stage is for the benefit of the children, who would be a better choice to inaugurate the stage, than the children themselves!

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Since the PTA was formed in the school, their children automatically have been helping. Whenever the PTA were running or helping at events, they were part of the process,  which is why the children of our core PTA officers were asked to come along and inaugurate the stage.

"We declare the Kingfisher stage open!"